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NextDecade featured in United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine

Travelers aboard United Airlines flights during the month of February will get a taste of why companies are choosing to grow and invest in the Rio Grande Valley. The airline’s February 2020 issue of Hemispheres inflight magazine includes a feature on the Rio Grande Valley’s commerce, workforce development, and companies, such as NextDecade, with the potential to drive economic growth.

NextDecade’s Rio Grande LNG project is highlighted in the Dossier section of the magazine as one of the most intriguing opportunities driving the reinvention of the Valley’s economy.

As NextDecade’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Matt Schatzman says in the article “Our vision is that global LNG customers, producers and investors see NextDecade as a company that delivers on our commitments and does what we say we’re going to do. And, that generations of Rio Grande Valley residents see NextDecade as a good neighbor with a long-term commitment to the community where we live and work, and view the Rio Grande LNG project as a place they and generations that follow, want to work.”

More than 138 million passengers fly United Airlines each year. It is estimated that nearly 11.5 million people will read the Hemispheres inflight magazine each month.

Access the Dossier section of Hemispheres here: Feb Dossier 2020.pdf

Read the full digital version of the February issue here:

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