Driven by our Community commitments and shaped by our values, we are investing in the Rio Grande Valley’s future by creating thousands of jobs, educating current and future generations, and protecting the environment. We also support the economic vitality of the region by participating in local chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, and industry associations. Investment in the community is one of the key elements of NextDecade’s community support. We work closely with local stakeholders to understand the community’s long-term needs and continuously seek out and invest in community-based initiatives that align with our core values.

NextDecade Community Commitments:

NextDecade - Community

Protect the environment and minimize visual impacts

  • Expect to be one of the most sustainable LNG projects in the world with the use of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and our proprietary processes
  • Work with sustainable producers to supply responsibly sourced natural gas
  • Mitigate impacts to wetlands and wildlife
  • Realize pledge to use net-zero power for Rio Grande LNG’s electricity needs
  • Minimize visual impacts through use of muted color schemes and other design optimizations
NextDecade - Community

Invest significantly in the Rio Grande Valley’s future and be a part of the community for the long term

  • Create thousands of jobs
  • Maximize local hiring
  • Support ship channel improvement
NextDecade - Community

Educate current and future generations

  • Utilize local training facilities
  • Promote safe work environments
  • Enhance youth education

Community Feedback:

The Rio Grande LNG project has established a community feedback process for receiving, investigating, and responding to inquiries or concerns from community stakeholders.

GMS Principles

  • Foster open and transparent dialogue between the Rio Grande LNG project and stakeholders
  • Improved stakeholder relationships by demonstrating responsiveness and respect
  • Swiftly and effectively address concerns and prevent disputes from escalating
  • Facilitate learning to improve continuously


Feedback Form
  • To submit feedback or concerns related to the Rio Grande LNG project, please use the form found at this link
  • Please note, this form is meant to capture feedback/concerns about issues related to the construction and operation of the Rio Grande LNG project
  • Feedback/concerns can also be submitted by calling (888) 209-6643 or email

“Our company and every one of our employees is committed to being a good neighbor and having a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work. Our team is also deeply committed to delivering our Rio Grande LNG project the right way.”

– Matt Schatzman, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer