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Committed to reducing global CO2 emissions

NEXT Carbon Solutions is:

  • Developing one of the largest carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects in North America to reduce CO2 emissions at Rio Grande LNG
  • Advancing proprietary processes to lower the cost of utilizing CCS technology
  • Helping other energy companies reduce their CO2 emissions associated with the production, transportation, and use of natural gas
  • Generating high-quality, verifiable carbon offsets to support companies in their efforts to achieve net-zero emissions

The CCS project at Rio Grande LNG is expected to capture and store more than 5 million mt of CO2/year

  • While other LNG-related CCS projects have focused only on CO2 emissions from gas pre-treatment processes, NEXT Carbon Solutions considered all expected CO2 emissions from Rio Grande LNG
  • The gas turbines at Rio Grande LNG are responsible for the majority of the LNG project’s total expected CO2 emissions
  • NEXT Carbon Solutions evaluated multiple options to reduce total CO2 emissions at Rio Grande LNG, including incorporating CCS technology, using hydrogen as a fuel, and installing electric drives
  • NEXT Carbon Solutions determined that CCS technology, used in conjunction with our proprietary processes, is the superior solution
    • Greater than 90 percent reduction of permitted CO2 emissions
    • Does not require major design changes to Rio Grande LNG
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