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In recent years, the U.S. has been referred to as the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. The Eagle Ford Shale alone covers nearly 12,000 square miles in Texas and numerous other new sources of natural gas have been identified and are continuing to be found across the country. With over 100 years’ worth of proven supply of natural gas from existing and new sources, the U.S. has a great opportunity to export some of this gas to assist its trading partners and boost the local, Texas, U.S. and world economies, while helping improve the balance of trade and creating thousands of jobs.

NextDecade has concluded that exporting LNG from its proposed facilities will help stabilize U.S. natural gas prices, sustain drilling and production jobs, and stimulate investment in developing additional gas reserves. Due to recent geopolitical developments, LNG export from the U.S. has gained significant interest and momentum, becoming the focus of many Governments and NOC’s looking at energy supply security, not in the last place because of U.S. competitive position as an LNG supplier in comparison to other LNG exporting countries.


The limiting factor for the development of LNG export projects in the United States is the availability of locations with sufficient space for the facilities, that is remote enough from the public, and also has good marine and pipeline access. NextDecade’s expertise in the industry has allowed us to find and secure locations covering all the key requirements for LNG export projects. Many projects currently proposed in the LNG export space are facing challenges due to plot size limitations, not being able to accommodate all the required facilities and utilities, and seem to not consider exclusion zone impacts and safety distances required in the FERC regulatory approval process.

Through our longstanding experience and understanding of the project & regulatory drivers, we have been able to accumulate a portfolio of project sites and opportunities that have the potential for further development in the LNG export space. Currently, NextDecade is actively developing a land-based LNG project called Rio Grande LNG. This project includes the development of a new natural gas pipeline, treatment and liquefaction facilities, as well as onsite LNG storage and distribution facilities.

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*Artist Rendering of Rio Grande LNG